A poem should be soundless as the flight of birds...A poem should be equal to not true....A poem should not mean but be.


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Where had you been?
When I was nude,
There was no one to cover me.
Even my own turned their back
They refused to accept me.
All I needed was a piece of cloth.
But all I received were staring looks
O’where had you been?
When hurricane swept my land.
Leaving no vegetation behind
Except thorns and cactus
And thousand miles of sand
Where had you been?
When my soul searched for you
O’where had you been? My consciousness,
When I couldnot raise a voice,
But mutely watched my cloths being torn,
My foes watching the game with a grin
And the viciousness of their eyes,
But today I have found a voice to speak,
Because my consciousness,
You have awakened me,
You have draped me with shield of experience,
And my eyes with reality.
That consciousness, my consciousness
I have found out today
You are my first step
Towards right and equality.


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